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September, 2013

Dear Donna,

You made the experience of purchasing a horse without seeing him possible. I have purchased a lot of horses in my life and everyone that knows me couldn’t believe I would buy Denver without looking at him. Every time I felt worried about anything, you always did and/or said the right thing to reassure me that everything would work out fine. You were completely truthful in everything you told me about Denver. You sent me lots of pictures so I could see what he was like.

I will always have a special place in my heart for you….you’re the best! Here is a wine from Sonoita… I hope you like it! Celebrate a forever home for Denver and a very happy Buyer! I love Denver!

Best wishes always, Pat


Dear Donna and Bob

It has been 6 months now since Sundance's "Little Miss Fancy" stole our hearts and became part of our family. Our year long search to find the right horse for our 11 year old daughter ended when we discovered Sundance Stables.

After our first visit, we all felt we had discovered a very special place. It did not take long after meeting your family of horses to realize that the something special was Donna and Bob.

Your commitment to and understanding of Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain Horses shows in everyone of your horses.

After little Fancy adopted our daughter, the month they spent together with you getting to know each other was a time we will always treasure.

Over the past 6 months Little Fancy has impressed us each day with her willing nature and kindness with Mikayla. They have both made great progress together.

What truly impresses us all the most is your continued interest in the relationship and progress Mikayla and Fancy have made together.

Our words cannot express how much we truly appreciate the relationship we have with you and the wonderful "Little Miss Fancy" you introduced into our lives.

Michele, Mikayla and Jim Eger

Dear Donna and Bob

rosie What a pleasure it was to purchase our Rosie from Sundance Stables. With so many beautiful Rocky Mountain Horses to choose from your expertise gave me confidence in making a selection. Each horse was presented in an honest and professional manner with no pressure to buy. It was evident that finding the right match for "horse and rider" is the main focus at Sundance Stables. I would without hesitation recommend Sundance Stables to anyone looking for a quality Rocky Mountain Horse.

Rosie is the horse of my dreams and a perfect match for our family. Thank you once again for promoting horses who bring such happiness to their new homes.

Kitty Davis

Sundance Stables was the perfect place for beginners like my husband & I to buy our first horses. Donna and Bobby were patient, professional, and caring about making sure we found the right fit. Their help in not only choosing the right horse, and the what do I do now situations was priceless. Almost two years after the sale, if Donna doesnt hear from us first, she still continues to contact us to make sure everything is going well. During those inevitable moments when health problems and accidents happen, Donna was always available to help us through them.

We have enjoyed our wonderful horses more than we ever thought possible, and have made new friends in the process. We are so thankful we purchased from Sundance Stables.

Sue & Pete Ranto
New Smyrna Beach, FL


Words cannot fully express the joy I have experienced since day one of meeting you, Bobby, Shannon, and the horses of Sundance Stables. I was sold on your place upon the initial visit because of the obvious hands-on love and care given to your horses on a daily basis. Your honesty in helping select the perfect horse for me as a beginner was truly appreciated and the time spent at Sundance getting to know Reno was worth every moment. I would highly recommend Sundance Stables to anyone looking for a happy, healthy, and personable horse. I look forward to spending many years with my handsome and loveable boy Reno.

Debra Ann Butler
St. Petersburg, Florida

From the moment I spoke with Donna on the telephone, I made a decision to check out her horses. She was kind, genuine, knowledgeable and it was obvious to me how much she loves her horses and that it is much more than a business to her. I decided to spend a few days riding 3 horses that were for sale in April of 2010, which meant I had to fly to Florida from NJ. While I was there, Donna and Bobby were so accommodating -- Donna spent every minute with me while I rode the horses and by the time I left their stable on the first day, I knew for sure I would be buying a horse from them. I just wasn't sure which one! I needed to go home and think about it. I decided on a 3 year old chocolate gelding, taller than most of the rockies, about 15.2 hands. I went back to Florida two months later to take lessons on my horse who was still at Sundance Stables and was invited by Donna and Bobby to dinner, to swim in their pool, enjoy lunch at their beautiful stable all three days I was there! It was a wonderful experience. I can't say enough about my rocky. He is a well behaved gentleman, handsome, healthy, trainable, sound and trusting. The people who board horses where I keep my rocky are amazed at how sound he is, especially for his age. The best part for me, however, is that he also has spirit. Donna truly cares for her horses and corresponds with me regularly to hear how our boy is doing. My young horse has been in a Christmas parade, seen the bay for the first time in his life, and been trailered to the state park for trail rides. He has been courageous and fun with very few issues. I can't wait to show off Sundance Stables to my husband while we visit Florida this winter!

Lynne Martin

How do I even begin to describe the experience that I have enjoyed at Sundance Stables? Bob & Donna have allowed me to make a 40 year dream a reality. I happened to find an ad for Sundance Stables in one of the farm magazines that my friends brought me. I had been shopping for a Rocky or Kentucky Mountain Horse for awhile online but since Sundance Stables was within 25 miles of our Florida home, my husband and I, along with our friends, arrived unannounced. We were greeted with a big smile and an "of course you are all welcome". Donna patiently saddled several horses that she felt I'd enjoy, based on my specifications. We returned another day to ride again--no pressure to buy and Donna spent the entire morning (with no guarantee that I'd buy anything) giving me a riding pointers since I had never ridden a gaited horse and it had been forty years since I had owned one of my own.

We left Florida several weeks later, still trying to decide on which, if any, horse was in my future. Months later, I made my decision, but we were now 800 miles away, with few arrangements made. While in Virginia, I was kept in touch with my boy through e-mails and pictures of his progress. Donna paid a professional trainer to continue to work with Thunder and Donna continued to spend her time working with him. She and Bobby kept him until we could get back, continued to train him and delivered him after I visited with him for two weeks, learning to ride a gaited horse. Each of those mornings, Donna spent with me as if she had nothing else to do. As far as I'm concerned, Sundance Stables is the only place to buy a horse. The relationship doesn't stop there. Upon delivery, I was given complete records, a DVD of all of the pictures she had taken and various articles about common ailments, all presented in a neat folder that I can use for reference, not to mention the bottle of wine with Thunder's picture. But delivery isn't the end either--Donna is now my reference. I have called her twice because of faulty farrier advice and she has always been no further than her phone. She drove the 25 miles to check on me and, since I am now back in Virginia again, to check on Thunder for me. I now not only have the horse of my dreams, I have made two new friends.

Thanks, Bobby and Donna.

Virginia McDaniel

Donna and Bob:

We just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again... for matching me up with Chocolate Charlie Reo! He's a great horse and we understand why it was so difficult for you to part with him.

Bill and I also want to thank both of you for the kind, considerate and professional manner in which you dealt with us. It's always a pleasure to work with business people that are honest and sincere. From day one, you went so far beyond the extra mile to ensure that everything went just right. That kind of care can only come from the heart, and we know this is true in your case. We just wish that everyone purchasing a horse could have the same type of experience that we have had with you folks!

Now for Charlie ...I could write pages and pages singing his praise! But I will just simply say, the search is finally over. Charlie really is everything I had hoped to find in a horse, and more! He's so dependable, no matter what I ask of him. And I haven't even mentioned his striking good looks .... everyone stops to admire Charlie! (We fondly refer to him as "Charles" because he's such a perfect gentleman.)

We will recommend you with confidence, and when the need arises, we will come back to Sundance Stables ourselves. We are truly grateful for all you have done for us, and for the higher standard you are bringing to the horse world!


Bill and Sue Burkett

I would like to thank you for assisting me in the purchase of Sundance's Magnum aka Sunny (a chocolate Kentucky Mountain gelding).

I initially saw an ad and came to see another gelding, but you were quick to realize what my needs were, and found the perfect mount to match personalities, temperament and energy level. I wanted a horse with spirit and passion but not figety and pawing. A trail horse who enjoys the woods while walking and observing nature.

So happy trails, sunrises and sunsets, to you at Sundance Stables, and may the sun dance on your beautiful horses, owners and trainers.

With carrots forever,
Shelly Coast and Sundances Magnum aka Sunny.
He is touched by the sun with his beautiful blonde mane !!!!!

Dear Donna,

I had discovered Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain horses several years ago and the seed was planted in my mind that some day I would own one.  When my wonderful Morgan mare died last summer, after I had owned her for twenty-five years, I was devastated and thought that I could never replace her and go through the search process for another horse.  A friend sent me your ad from Horse N Tack magazine, I checked out your great website, and I had to come up and see for myself.

What a wonderful experience!  You were so pleasant and so kind showing me around.  You have done a remarkable job with Sundance Stables and all your horses.  The farm is beautiful and meticulously kept, the horses are gorgeous and have the greatest personalities.  I couldn't get over how they followed us around.  The imprinting and all the work you've done with each and every foal really shines through.  They are the sweetest and most personable bunch, and so well trained.

It was love at first sight when I saw Rosie.  She came right up to me, I looked in those kind, intelligent eyes, and BOOM, that was it.  Being able to see her sire and dam right there on the premises made the decision easy, both are perfection.

You have been very thoughtful and helpful.  I'm looking forward to a lifetime of wonderful experiences with Rosie and I'm looking forward to sharing the experiences with you.  I may be her "Mom" going forward, but you invested a lot of love and time into bringing her from inception, to birth, to outstanding yearling.  I promise to love her with all my heart.

-Anne Bissell

Englewood, FL

I would recommend Sundance Stables to any serious horse owner who values the temperament, color, and gait of these wonderful Mountain horses. Donna and Bob represented their horses fairly and accurately, and went the extra mile to make sure the purchase of my horse was a match that would last.You guys have a very well-run business with the personal touch that so many horse sellers lack. I am a proud owner of one of Sundance Stable's finest!

- Kim Nelson, Sanford

Dear Donna.

I want to tell you what a great and fun experience it was coming to your Farm to look for a new horse. I was very interested in a Rocky Mountain Horse and had been looking for some time with no success.

Setting up my first visit with you on the phone was very positive and I looked forward to meeting you. I wasn't disappointed. You took your time and showed us the whole farm and how you ran it. I was very impressed and you made me feel very comfortable.

Donna, you have been such a great help through this whole process. Answering all my questions and then some. Giving me his complete records, which are fantastic. I know I will always be able to call you for anything.

Thank you for caring so much about your horses and their new owners.

Jan Mealer
Happy Trails Farm.

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I am so glad I found your stable with the beautiful mountain horses. Sundance is a small farm with just enough horses that you can see all that are for sale and some lovely babies and great stallions. The farm is clean and well maintained, stalls immaculate and the horses all well cared Donna made our visits to Sundance so enjoyable, no pressure to buy, just ride and have fun, you informed us of the different temperaments your horses have, some with a lot of "go" and others more laid back. It has been a pleasure visiting with you and your horses and I will not hesitate to encourage anyone who wants to know more about mountain horses to visit Sundance Stables in Brooksville.

I love the new horses on your website, the palomino is awesome!!!!

Sherry A. Barker

Dear Donna,

I just wanted to let you know that it was an absolute pleasure visiting your farm and purchasing a horse from you.

After the sudden loss of my beloved Walking Horse to a lightning strike, I dreaded the thought of "horse shopping". I knew I wanted another gaited horse, so after lots of research I decided that a Rocky sounded like what I was looking for; they had looks, temperament, personality. I looked at many horses. When I got to your farm there was a noticeable difference immediately, especially in the young horses. They were so friendly and well-mannered. The amount of time and care you give each and every horse was very clear.

When I saw Harley, it was love at first sight. Besides being absolutely beautiful, he was so curious and overflowing with personality. This was the horse I had read about during my research. I had found my horse! I can't tell you enough how great he is. It was so nice that so much of the ground work was already done. He is so smart and willing that I broke him myself. He is so easy to work with, and learns so quickly. I know that is because of all of the time and work you put into him as a baby.

Thank you again,

Sharon Jackson

Valrico, FL

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