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It is with mixed emotions that we say farewell to Sundance Stables.

After almost 15 years, Bob and I are finally going to retire and enjoy our beautiful Rockies on the trails in the mountains of Tennessee. We have loved every minute of breeding, raising, training, showing and trail riding all of our outstanding horses. We are very proud of all we have accomplished with Sundance Stables. Most of all, we treasure the opportunities we have had to meet clients who quickly became wonderful friends. Placing our horses with these caring people who share our love of the breed has truly been a privilege for us.

We will miss so much about Sundance but we are excited about this new chapter of our lives and we look forward to riding the mountains with both old friends and new.

Thank you for all the years of pleasure we have shared with you, our clients and friends, and to those magnificent horses who made these opportunities possible ... those horses who were born and raised with us and those who have shared the pastures over the years at our beautiful Sundance Stables. We have a life-time of magnificent memories.

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Sundance Stables

just right for Excellence

We have intentionally created a stable that's not so big that important details might be overlooked; not too small to afford the best feed, equipment and surroundings for the horses, but just the right size to make sure that each individual horse gets the personal attention and loving care of the owners...from newborn to retirement...and the best of everything that can make a positive influence on the horse's health, temperament and performance.

Excellence is the result of our just right size.