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Aside from all the beautiful horses that are bred and raised at Sundance Stables and then offered for sale to good homes, we are proud to have what we call our "Sundance Stock". These are the horses that we love to show, ride and brag about....our personal horses that we intend to keep at Sundance but are an excellent tribute to our standards for finishing our horses for the rail or for the trail. Take a few minutes and let us introduce you to the horses that we truly love to brag about. Once you've met them, you'll understand why we love this breed so very much.

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  • Triple Registered and Certified Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain and American Gaited Mountain Horse
  • 04/01 Gelding
  • Dark chocolate, white socks, flaxen mane and tail
  • Standing at 15.2 HH

Touch is our perfect example of the epitome of this magnificent breed...conformation, temperament and color. After years of success as a stallion in the show ring, he was gelded and now is our very best trail horse. Just a few of his show accomplishments include RMHA Stallions Trail Pleasure Florida Champion, RMHA Stallions Conformation Florida Champion, KMSHA Stallions Trail Pleasure Champion, RMHA Western Pleasure Champion, Amateur Owned and Trained Champion and KMSHA Amateur Country Trail Pleasure International Champion. He still brings home the blue ribbons and continues to amaze us with his stamina and his gentle gait.

Touch has produced gentle and beautiful foals that we have raised with pride. Now that we have retired him from breeding, his favorite pastime is to run and play in the pasture with the other geldings. When it's time for a fun trail ride, Touch is always our first choice. No problems on the trail with this seasoned ride. Just a wonderful smooth and relaxed gait. Beginner to experienced, child to adult, Touch is a perfect ride for anyone who wants to enjoy the unique trail gait of the Rocky Mountain Horse.

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  • Double Registered and Certified Rocky and Kentucky Mountain Horse
  • 03/04 Mare
  • True black, no markings, black mane and tail
  • Standing at 15.0 HH

Pearl was our first foal for Sundance and has held a special place in our hearts from the time she was born. Her curiosity and innocence was quickly replaced by a mischievous nature that was absolutely irresistible. The older she got, the more beautiful she became. But her most notable feature has always been her gait. Pearl is truly a natural gaited Mountain Horse with the conformation and temperament to compliment it.

We didn't think we could be prouder of Pearl when she won the KMSHA International Country Trail Pleasure World Grand Championship in 2009 but, as always, Pearl surprised us yet again. Her first foal was born March 16th, 2011 and what a perfect little reflection she is of her mother. Rayla (see our Foal Page) is a jet black filly and the mirror image of her mother in every way, including her natural gait. What a beautiful picture Pearl and Rayla make as they gait across the pasture together. True to Pearl's easy going nature, she was back under saddle within a couple of weeks, with Rayla gaiting alongside her. We are so pleased to enjoy three generations of this beautiful breed... Dandy's Brandy, Pearl's Dam (see our Broodmare page), our gorgeous Pearl and now our stunning little Rayla.

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  • Double Registered and Certified Kentucky Mountain and American Gaited Mountain Horse
  • 05/05 Gelding
  • Slate Grullo with leg barring and dun point, black mane and tail
  • Standing at 14.2 HH

Bonsai didn't just add an unusual color to our barn; Bonsai added a personality that just can't be matched. This lovable gelding gives his all in anything and everything that he does. All he asks for in return is some extra hugs and loves. This is where the saying "pocket pony" came from. Bonsai just can't get enough attention. Everyone who enters our barn stops first at Bonsai's stall.

Bonsai is a beautiful slate grullo with a magnificent black mane and tail. His conformation is outstanding and makes for the most comfortable of rides on the trail. But where Bonsai has truly surprised us is in the show ring. He goes to work the minute he passes through the gate. His first true experience in the ring was at the KMSHA Internationals in KY and he was determined to bring the blue ribbons back to Florida with him. Winning the Amateur Trail Pleasure Championship just wasn't enough for Bonsai. He also brought home the Trail Pleasure Multi-Regional Grand Championship. We couldn't be prouder of this great gelding and look forward to enjoying him on the rail and on the trail for many years to come.

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  • Double Registered and Certified Rocky and Kentucky Mountain Horse
  • 05/07 Gelding
  • Blue Roan with 4 black stockings, black face and black mane and tail
  • Standing at 14.2 HH
  • Finish at 14.3 HH

This handsome blue roan gelding is constantly surprising us with his colors. As you can see from his pictures, Jett goes from black to white to chocolate roan. His color may always be a surprise but Jett's gait never is. He has a smooth and constant gait, with perfect four beat footfalls. When you are in the saddle with Jett, you can simply relax and enjoy the ride. Give him a nice loose rein and you get a wonderful even gait every time. Jett has quickly become one of our favorite trail horses. He's an easy going, easy to handle gelding that is always anxious to please. Quiet and comfortable describes Jett perfectly. This is one blue roan with a fabulous bloodline and a temperament to match. We are going to enjoy a lot of trail miles with this beautiful gelding.

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  • Double Registered and Certified Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse
  • 10/98 Mare
  • Black with white markings, black mane and tail
  • Standing at 14.2 HH

There are just not enough words to describe how special this beautiful mare is to us. Penny was always a wonderful and easy going trail horse and provided a great beginning for Sundance Stables. Where she really excels though is as a mother. Penny has blessed us with extraordinarily attractive and affectionate foals, all with her special temperament and manners. She produces elegant black foals, and striking colored foals. You just don't know what you will get when Penny is the mom. She has proven to be the most devoted of all our mares and raises her babies with a firm but loving attitude that we constantly marvel at. Once her babies are weaned, Penny goes back to her job as lead mare and takes care of her herd in the same caring and protective manner. Whether she is out to pasture or under saddle, Penny is one special mare and will always have a home at Sundance.

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B.D.'s DIESEL - "Diesel"

  • Registered and Certified Kentucky Mountain Horse
  • 02/99 Gelding
  • Chocolate with flaxen mane and tail
  • Standing at 14.3 HH

Diesel was aptly named because of the tremendous stamina and strength this horse exhibits. We enjoyed many years with Diesel before he sadly contracted an illness that has forced him to pasture. But Diesel simply switched gears and went from being an exciting trail horse to being a diligent work horse. What's his job now? Well, Diesel is in charge of all weaned babies. No one else can do the job that Diesel does. He is disciplined and experienced, firm and kind. When we wean our babies, we give them to Diesel and he takes over from there. All our babies learn their independence from him and are kept safe under his watchful eyes. Our babies don't experience the anxiety of weaning when they know that Diesel is right there with them. When the time comes for the weanlings to rejoin the herd, Diesel goes back to his regular job of managing the geldings. This wonderful horse will always have a loving home at Sundance and will always have a rewarding job with our foals. Once you look into Diesel's soft eyes, you'll know why he is treasured at Sundance.

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