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Sundance Stables is a 40 acre ranch with a 5,000 s/f horse barn and a separate 360 s/f stallion barn. Although we have intentionally remained small so that we can concentrate on quality, not quantity, our love of the breed has caused us to increase the size of our herd. And so we have made some substantial improvements to our property to accommodate our continued efforts to maintain our hands-on quality. In addition to our round pen arena, and our 75ft x 100ft working arena, we have also added a professional 250 ft x 125 ft training arena. Now our horses can be worked carefully in stages, graduating from the beginning stage of lunging and learning the basics in the round pen, to smaller arena exercises and finally on to the formal show arena training.

Sundance maintains a superior veterinary, dental and farrier program to assure the health and excellent growth of all our horses. We breed our mares only to outstanding stallions in order to produce outstanding foals. The pedigrees of our mares and stallions include such well-known names as Dock, Johnson's Toby, Storm Warning and Clemon's Tim.

We give all of our horses "hands-on" attention and we are dedicated to preserving their most famous traits: a calm temperament and a smooth natural gait.

All of our mares receive individual care during their gestation and our foals are born in a natural surrounding amidst a content and healthy herd. Imprinting, as further described on our Foal Imprinting page, is the most important part of our strategy to raise healthy, happy and sociable horses.

Until we can meet in person, please enjoy the rest of our web site. Check out our ranch and all of our beautiful horses and foals, then come visit us. Contributing to your pleasure and lifestyle by matching you with the perfect Mountain Horse for you is our highest calling at Sundance Stables.